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Harri Pick releases thrashing new single ‘Frustrated’

Following on from her striking single ‘Broke,’ Harri Pick is back with a new thrashing offering entitled ‘Frustrated.’

The track pays homage to contemporary greats such as Sam Fender and Wet Leg, but Pick clearly places her own stamp on her music, creating her own unique, refreshing take on indie-rock. The track features a powerful combo of pounding drums and distortion drenched guitar chords. Her vocals smash through the mix and work hand in glove with well-penned lyrics. ‘Frustrated’ is an unapologetic banger that fires back at the media and politicians.

Speaking about the single, she says: “Over the last few years, my generation has been constantly scrutinised by the media and politicians regarding people like me as ‘snowflakes’. I find it quite frustrating (haha) when I see this. In the end, though, you have to laugh at the hypocrisy of it all. They will be the first ones to complain about something.”

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