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Photo credit: Rocket Weijers

Hiatus Kaiyote share new single ‘Telescope’

Following the announcement of their forthcoming album, Hiatus Kaiyote return to share a new single ‘Telescope.’ The third track from Love Heart Cheat Code due June 28 on Brainfeeder Records, ‘Telescope’ is a reflection of the collective’s personal as well as otherworldly inspirations.

On ‘Telescope,’ the band transports listeners to an intimate crux in the universe to find solace in their shared musicality. Speaking on the track’s significance Bender (bass) shares, “NASA has a website where you can type in your birthday and then it will tell you the most interesting thing that the Hubble telescope took a picture of on your birthday. And so each of the four verses is based on our four birthdays.” Bender’s heavenly object was Abell (2744); Simon’s the Einstein Ring; Nai’s the “Red Pearl on the face on Jupiter,” and Pez’s a nameless star that exploded with a light many times brighter than our sun. Musically, the song was triggered by Simon’s play with a patch from a 1980s-era synthesizer, Sequential Circuits’ Prophet 600.

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