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Photo credit: Lili Peper

iskwē sparks up on new single ‘I Get High’ ft. Nina Hagen

Singer-songwriter and activist iskwē (pronounced iss-kway) has released her new single, ‘I Get High’ featuring German punk icon Nina Hagen, out now.

Inspired by the freedom of letting go of what others think, ‘I Get High’ is a whimsically gothic tale that dives into the depths of despair and up to the heights of triumph, reminding listeners the importance of supporting each other through the challenges they may experience in life. The track will instantly sweep you into a tidal wave of sounds that will course through your veins with its driving beat, distorted guitar riffs, and childlike coos.

“I grew up smoking weed, listening to Nina Hagen, and singing loudly when I knew no one was listening; always self-conscious, always self-aware.” shares iskwē. “This piece was written in response to a painful experience of mine, where I wanted to remind people of the power of love and the importance of supporting each other in this lifetime, rather than trying to cancel each other out. I realised it was finally time to let go of worrying about what people thought of me and my art. As the legendary Peter Tosh sings, ‘I am who I am who I am.’ This is a call-out for us to hold each other up as we attain our many successes in life, knowing there is room for us all to win. And while we’re at it, let’s exhale and get high!”

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