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Jackie and her brother release nostalgic single, ‘Best Days’

Being in a band with family is not always easy; a relationship impacted by years of familiarity and family dynamics. The duo, aptly named Jackie and her brother, decided to work on several songs that remained unfinished and forgotten. The result is a new project from Jackie and Mark Andrade. The name, Jackie and her brother, is a simple way to describe their dynamic and their shared love for catchy, pop-inspired bands that they listened to across different decades as they grew up.

We often wonder, and reflect on our life. It’s a healthy part of being human. We’re also told to stay in the present and live for the future. This dichotomy pulses at the centre of their second single, ‘Best Days,’ where Jackie and her brother turn the focus backward wondering if our best days are already gone.

“The ending has samples of our younger family members laughing and shouting ‘best days’ with their entire life ahead of them,” explains Jackie Andrade. “The addition of these samples adds another interesting layer to the song. When were your best days? Childhood? Or are they happening right now?”

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