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Photo credit: Nic Chapman

Jane Weaver shares new single & video ‘Romantic Worlds’

Jane Weaver reveals brand new single ‘Romantic Worlds’ from her new record Love In Constant Spectacle out April 5 on Fire Records and ahead of her UK tour beginning in April.

New single ‘Romantic Worlds’ is an elaborate love song where exuberant synths explore brief encounters and our perceptions of modern romance. “I wanted to write a really over the top love song, it’s kind of tongue in cheek and about romance and brief encounters with a wonky synth,” says Jane. “It’s based on a ‘real life’ date after meeting online, how this changes from generation to generation and how romance is perceived now.”

Accompanied by a fantasy inspired, hazy romantic new music video, it sees a couple transported to another dimension where they are challenged in an otherworldly universe to use their character skills in order to escape. Is it a compatibility test? What realm will they enter next?

“Growing up watching the 80s Dungeons and Dragons, I was endlessly frustrated by the number of times the group nearly escaped back to the ‘real world’, only to be denied by that stupid unicorn. This video presented an opportunity to finally let the characters make their getaway. The ‘realm’ was one of my first forays into the world of AI. I was really happy with how it interpreted the footage and threw up some weird and wonderful results.” adds director, Nick Farrimond.

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