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Photo credit: Dura Dunn

JFDR shares new single & video ‘Life Man’

Today Icelandic experimental singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist JFDR, aka Jófríður Ákadóttir, presents ‘Life Man,’ the new single from her forthcoming album, Museum, out April 28 on Houndstooth.

Following lead single ‘The Orchid,’ ‘Life Man’ soars like a spring breeze. Originally starting off as a moodier iteration, JFDR — with the help of her partner Josh Wilkinson — extracted the track’s core groove, seeping newfound energy into the song. ‘Life Man’ begins with subtly intricate percussion, which quickly propels itself into an electrifying chorus, grounded by JFDR’s half-whispered speculations: “This could be a feeling / I can’t tell / This could be the season / I just don’t know it.”

The accompanying ‘Life Man’ video, directed by Clump Collective (Katy J Pearson, Grandmas House, mui zyu), features JFDR swathed in elaborate red sleeves, twirling alongside the track’s hypnotic rhythm. It’s a fitting accompaniment to the sculptural designs by Sól Hansdóttir worn in the ‘Life Man’ single art. Of ‘Life Man,’ JFDR states: “Most of us live fairly hectic lives and it can be a shock when things slow down. The song is about one of those moments; when you get a second to breathe and an overwhelming wave of existentialism hits you in the face. It’s a good time to ask questions, as it is all very strange indeed.”

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