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Photo credit: Michael Leviton

Joanna Sternberg shares new single ‘Stockholm Syndrome’

This Friday, New York City-based singer-songwriter Joanna Sternberg will release their highly anticipated new album, I’ve Got Me, on Fat Possum. Today, Sternberg unveils the album’s arresting final single ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, with an accompanying video animated by Sternberg themself.

The songs on I’ve Got Me carry an emotional wallop, with ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ examining the horror of an NYC chemical romance. “I was surprised that my friends encouraged me about this song because originally I was too embarrassed to even consider showing it to anyone,” Sternberg says. “It is about looking back on a romantic relationship and realising all of these things that you thought were normal at the time were actually very damaging to you, including the relationship itself.”

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