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Josienne Clarke shares new single ‘Fear Of Falling’

Josienne Clarke releases her latest single/video ‘Fear of Falling,’ the second track to be taken from her forthcoming album, Parenthesis, I, due out on May 10. The atmospheric Americana track is one of her strongest and most vivid to date as it captures the struggle of leaving the past behind and while embracing a brighter future.

“I decided to take a more classic songwriting approach. My writing can be a little acetic, I often eschew a chorus’ catchiness but it was my intention to lean-in to a more conventional song form,” Clarke reflects on her writing process. “It’s about ruminating on things you’ve left behind, that you’ve left them for a reason, and reminding oneself to leave the past where it belongs. Love, healing, and contentment require openness and vulnerability; without allowing the risk of falling, you’ll never fly.”

Clarke’s evocative lyrics paint landscapes of “tall trees of Skeoch wood,” drawing from the beautiful views of her new home, Scotland’s Isle of Bute. “I walk along the harbour every day and take in the sea air, it’s great for peace of mind,” she adds. The song is out now alongside a video directed by Alec Bowman_Clarke, who explains: “we came up with a simple treatment by honing in on the self-determinism and positivity that shoots through the lyrics.”

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