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Joy Mumford releases new feel-good single ‘Spilt Milk’

‘Spilt Milk’ is the latest offering from British singer-songwriter Joy Mumford.

The track is playful in both its instrumentation and in Joy’s vocal performance. The simple but driving drum pattern works as a perfect base for the twinkling synths and raw guitar lines, which, when paired with the floaty layers of backing vocals, creates a cheerful summer groove that’s both fun and relaxing to listen to. Lyrically, the track becomes slightly bittersweet, honestly tackling some of Joy’s internal conflict but balanced against a happy and uplifting beat.

On the new release, Joy says “I wrote and produced ‘Spilt Milk’ during a challenging time in my life when I was learning to make peace with the fact that it’s okay to let go of things, people and places that drain me, rather than trying to fix or control everything. I was trying to liberate myself from a difficult situation, whilst simultaneously learning to sit and accept the uncomfortable emotions I was feeling by doing so. I have a tendency to rush out of feeling difficult emotions, and so making music has always been my way of connecting back to myself, and processing the great and not-so-great things happening around me. No matter how difficult it can be, I like to believe that when we let go of certain things, it’s to make room for something better and brighter ahead – and I really wanted Spilt Milk to reflect that!”

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