You are currently viewing JUICYPEAR release shimmery, disco-tinged single ‘This is Love’

JUICYPEAR release shimmery, disco-tinged single ‘This is Love’

With their self-titled full-length album set for worldwide release in September, Jacob and Jasmine Mayeda, aka JUICYPEAR, drop their shimmering, pool party-ready single ‘This Is Love’ via AESTHETYK.

Co-written and co-recorded with the band’s longtime collaborators Nicolas and Aalok Balachandran at Unicorn Studios in Los Angeles’s Highland Park, ‘This Is Love’ is a natural continuation of the couple’s autobiographical relational journey put into songs. ‘This Is Love’ was mixed and mastered by Ruslan Odnoralov (The Chainsmokers, Lennon Stella).

“Both the vibe and essence of ‘This Is Love’ was inspired by the classic song from Cinderella that made a comeback on TikTok and Instagram over the past year,” says Jasmine. “We love how swoon-y, elegant and unique that song’s melody is and it inspired us to try a similar stylistic approach about how it feels to be in love. Not just romantically, but the love we feel from connecting with our kids and the people around us.”

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