You are currently viewing Kaia Kater releases new single ‘The Witch’ ft. Aoife O’Donovan
Photo credit: Janice Reid

Kaia Kater releases new single ‘The Witch’ ft. Aoife O’Donovan

‘The Witch’ featuring Aoife O’Donovan is the latest single from renowned Grenadian-Canadian Americana artist Kaia Kater. It is the fourth and final single from her impressive new record Strange Medicine, due for release on May 17 on Free Dirt Records.

Kaia’s thoughts on ‘The Witch’: “I have been fascinated with old Puritan tales about witch burnings and scarlet letters for a long time. I specifically wanted to write about the way men historically have branded women as temptresses, harlots, sirens and shrews and then sought to reflect this visually – the letter A for adulteress, the burning of flesh to symbolize evil. The first woman labelled a witch in Salem was a Black woman by the name of Tituba. Usually, these women died nameless and scorned. In my narrative, the woman who is branded a witch and burned at the stake survives her pilgrim’s punishment and now seeks her revenge on those who sought to destroy her.”

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