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Kate Davis shares new track ‘Long Long Long’

Ahead of the release of her second album Fish Bowl, on March 24, Kate Davis has shared a final pre-release single.

Fish Bowl is a deeply personal album, Davis charts its path through the eyes of Fish Bowl’s central character “FiBo”. Now she shares the particularly poignant track, ‘Long Long Long’, which was co-written with Oli Deakin of Low Pines. Driving guitars lay the foundation for this indie-rock-meets-sci-fi track as Davis takes the meticulousness from her years in the jazz world and applies it here, much like John Coltrane’s spiritually-guided path, to an otherworldly place where rules don’t matter.

“Oli sent me a super sad instrumental at exactly the right moment” Davis comments. “I was doing a lot of thinking and grieving in the aftermath of a breakup and felt incredibly comforted by this sonic world that he had built. It opened up an opportunity to flow in a stream of consciousness way over a landscape that was far more spacious than what I would have come up with. I just remember plugging in my mic, blinking, and the song was finished.

“This song longs less for a person, and more for answers. It starts the second half of the album, right after the lowest point in the FiBo story. This is the “back in the saddle“ moment. There’s an insatiable craving for clarity and destination. I think that’s why I was so attached to the visual of driving endlessly through the night. Time is explicitly described, but in the same breath, it means nothing.

“LLL references three songs that were anchors for memories and markers of time in my life. Barenaked Ladies – One Week, Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, and Failure – Stuck On You. Out of all the songs on Fish Bowl, I might be attached to this one the most. It helped me tease out some personal desires and truths”

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