You are currently viewing Kate Klein releases new single ‘In my mind we are all insane’

Kate Klein releases new single ‘In my mind we are all insane’

Aided by her unique blend of pop and alternative rock as well as her larger-than-life personality, Kate Klein seeks to unite the “misfits” of the world with her music. With a raucous personality that’s as hard-hitting as her music, Kate is loudly and unapologetically herself—resulting in a sound that is as unique as she is.

‘In my mind we are all insane’ is a genre-defying dance anthem that explores the dizzying reality of life’s highs and lows—and celebrates them. With honesty and openness about her own day-to-day struggle to stay mentally healthy, Kate encourages listeners to find a sense of beauty amidst the chaos of life. By coupling a high-energy beat with a deeper message of resilience, the song perfectly captures the sentiment of turning pain into a party. ‘In my mind we are all insane’ emphasizes the unifying sentiment that we’re all a little bit crazy at the end of the day—so we might as well embrace it.

Mixed by veteran producer Austin Seltzer (Royal and the Serpent, Maggie Lindemann, Beauty School Dropout), the new track blends pop sentiment with an alt-rock guitar-driven sound. Hard-hitting and bold-faced in its delivery, ‘In my mind we are all insane’ makes a strong statement for Kate as a rising artist with staying power.

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