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Photo credit: Logan White

Katie Gately shares new single ‘Howl’

With her forthcoming album, Fawn / Brute set for March 31 release on Houndstooth, now Katie Gately has shared a third and final pre-release track, entitled ‘Howl’.

Following the album’s contrasting title tracks, ‘Fawn’ and ‘Brute’, and the off-kilter melodic pop song ‘Cleave’, new single ‘Howl’ is a jagged, eerie take on a classic Brother’s Grimm fairytale, building and journeying to a dramatic ending.

“‘Howl’ is my own musical rewrite of the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale” she explains. “Instead of being hunted and tricked by the wolf, a young girl navigates through the forest with playful tact. She is directed entirely by her own curiosity and ignores the unsolicited advice of her fellow creatures. At the end of her adventure she’s met with an unhinged applause that I hope the listener will take personally. ‘Howl’ is the antithesis of looking over your shoulder and asking for permission. It’s a reminder to get outside, make a mess and play.”

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