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Photo credit: Tyler Lee Aubrey

Kaya Stewart shares new song ‘Honey’

With the heart of your favourite ’90s alt songstress, the guts of a tried-and-true punk, and a whole lot of sass all her own, Kaya Stewart is ready to formally introduce herself on her forthcoming second album, If Things Go South. A first single from the record has been released entitled ‘Honey’, which hinges on a snappy guitar riff as her smoky and sultry vocal intonation simmer on the chantable chorus.

“I needed to have a straight up rock ‘n’ roll song on the new record,” states Stewart. “At the end of the day, I’m a live performer. The reason I started making music is my love for playing live. I wanted something to rock out to on stage. I knew I wanted to be a part of rock’s resurgence.”

If Things Go South, which chronicles her self-actualisation as an artist along with the turbulence of growing up, doubt, heartbreak and mental health, is set for release on September 30 via Bay Street Records.


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