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KC Rae shares new single ‘Parking Lot’

KC Rae (Now, Now’s KC Dalager) will release her debut solo album Think I’m Gonna Die on November 10. The news will surely add to anticipation among KC’s fans, who’ve been eagerly following along this summer as she quietly began releasing singles (‘Blockbuster’ and ‘Bathroom Floor’) as a solo artist. The songs have marked KC’s first new output since the 2018 release of her band Now, Now’s critically-acclaimed sophomore album, Saved.

Along with the album announcement news, KC Rae shares the impassioned new single ‘Parking Lot’, a song that builds and builds to an epic release in the form of a guitar and kick drum filled wall of sound at the end of the track.

“‘Parking Lot’ is about the feeling of being held captive by someone else’s rage,” KC explains. “Then the song concludes with the realization that I can take my power back.” The track is aptly placed as the final song on an album which, throughout, details the cycle of oppression, surrender, reflection, rebirth and return. “I’m becoming cognizant of a greater process in motion, that we are always going to land where we were meant to land,” she muses, “and for me, that tends to be back where I started, but with a new and deeper awareness.”

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