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Kelly McMichael tees up new LP with ‘Bomb’

Kelly McMichael returns with ‘Bomb’ – a 90s throwback à la Riot Grrrl rocker.

An honest and empowering anthem, ‘Bomb’ is inspired by taking back the pain you’ve experienced, owning it and turning it into something explosive and beautiful. A cathartic release that begins as a pit in your stomach and bursts into a shooting star across the sky, the track ‘Bomb’ uses the anger that comes from being wronged — an outrage that isn’t ready to subside — as the fuel of resilience.

Notably the most incensed track on her upcoming LP, After The Sting Of It set for release this fall, ‘Bomb’ offers a stark contrast to the piano-driven 70s folk-rock stylings of her last release — split single ‘You Got It Wrong’ and ‘Too Soon To Tell.’ McMichael is no stranger to experimenting with different genres, eras, and emotions — “She’s blowing and there’s nowhere for it to go” — lyrics that leave us all too curious about the emotional trajectory we will experience throughout her sophomore album.

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