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Kississippi announces cheeky, metamorphic EP damned if i do it for you & shares breakup banger ‘Last Time’

Philadelphia-based indie pop star Kississippi announces her sharp-tongued, transformative EP, damned if i do it for you, due out July 26. Alongside the big news, Kississippi shares the first taste of the project with the bold, whimsical ‘Last Time’ out now. The forthcoming project sees the artist reckon with past and present pain as she carves a path forward that celebrates who she is today through splashy, striking production, evocative vocals and her own distinct brand of heart-wrenching punky pop.

Over four tracks, damned if i do it for you is an unrelenting exploration into the heart. Reuniting with 2021’s magnetic effort Mood Ring producer Andy Park (Future Teens, Death Cab For Cutie), Kississippi found her stride again, only this time, with fresh life experiences to draw from and a newfound sense of self. When she felt stuck while writing, she brought her drafts to Dan Campbell (The Wonder Years, Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties) for workshopping, then brought those drafts to Illuminati Hotties’ own Sarah Tudzin (boygenius, Speedy Ortiz) and Maddie Ross for finishing touches and studio time.

To Kississippi, the collection is “a journey of introspection, peeling back all of your layers and searching for the love that you’ve always dreamed of within yourself. It’s a battle to find bliss in solitude, while you’re still healing from the wounds of a shattered heart. Along the way, it uncovers truths about identity and grapples with whether or not the imperfections you’ve found can be transformed into something beautiful. It’s a path to self-discovery and growth, as you navigate the complexities of self-love and acceptance.”

‘Last Time,’ came about after a run-in with an ex-partner at a gig and the heartache that ensued. Kississippi recalls, “As I took the stage with only a drum machine and mic, it hit me that I was essentially doing karaoke to these songs about unrequited love, knowing that the person I wrote them about was in the next room with someone else.” It’s a playful, defiant goodbye that demands to be looped by the listener. “‘Last Time’ is about realizing someone you love has moved on before you know it, and the irony of having to do it live, in front of an audience.”

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