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Photo credit: Bobby Talamine

KMFDM shares new single/video ‘AIRHEAD’

Hot on the heels of the release of KMFDM’s banger ‘LET GO’, the first single from their forthcoming album of the same name – set to be released on Metropolis Records on February 2 – comes their second single, ‘AIRHEAD’.

Defying all common definitions and shredding all pre-conceived notions about who or what KMFDM is or isn’t genre-wise, on their second offering, the band delivers a unique gem that lyrically harkens back to growing up in America during the 70s and 80s. It’ll have you reminiscing with a wink and a laugh as Lucia Cifarelli delivers the opening lines: “Born the year of the Chia pet – Blondes were in, but I’m brunette – Vietnam and Donkey Kong – I was busy getting high with Cheech & Chong.”

The accompanying video for ‘AIRHEAD’, directed and produced by 210 Media, is a sentimental joyride that takes you on a trip down memory lane through the eyes of a child from a bygone era of American life.

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