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KNOTTS shares new single ‘Two Arms’

Ohio based artist KNOTTS shares ‘Two Arms,’ a fun pop song about anticipatory grief.

KNOTTS loops in and out of art pop and indie soul. The band’s members consist of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Adalia Powell-Boehne, Keyboardist Antoine Franklin, guitarist Jordan Wilson and drummer Isaiah Cook. Adalia possesses a truly one-of-a-kind plaintive voice, her songs are grounded with a strong sense of someone searching for her place in the world, that might sound like faint praise but in a world full of show off vocal hysterics KNOTTS’ songs feel intimate and real.

“’Two Arms’ is about those that shape us and the inevitable hole they would leave us with,” Adalia explains. “It’s memoir-like and coated with dance rhythms and power vocals that almost makes you forget you’re listening to a song about anticipatory grief.”

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