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Photo credit: Rhiannone Stone

Kohla shares dreamy new neo-soul single ‘Bedroom’

The up-and-coming Scottish singer-songwriter Kohla has released her new single ‘Bedroom’, a smooth, beguiling piano-driven ballad that draws inspiration from the likes of classic gospel, All Saints, and Justin Timberlake.

When writing ‘Bedroom’, Kohla experimented with melodic percussion and synths, combined with cool, soulful girlband-esque backing vocals and layered harmonies. The song was co-produced by Kohla’s creative partner Dave Lloyd, of the Edinburgh band Stillhound.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Bedroom’, Kohla said: “I wrote ‘Bedroom’ about a relationship I was in where I felt cherished and respected. Lyrically, I wanted to highlight the beauty of being loved deeply, with body and sex positive lyrics: ‘Every second paradise in your bedroom’.

“For me, sex is really special and I need a lot of trust from a partner. Misogyny in modern pop music is often glamourised, so I wrote ‘Bedroom’ to counteract this. I wanted to honour romantic and respectful sex.”

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