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Photo credit: Bridie Florence

Lambrini Girls share new single ‘God’s Country’

After the overwhelming success of debut EP You’re Welcome, Lambrini Girls are back with new single ‘God’s Country’ via City Slang which premiered earlier this week with BBC Radio 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq.

‘God’s Country’ was recorded by Gilla Band’s Daniel Fox in the deep dark days of December. They fuelled themselves with Christmas lights and Guinness until Lilly’s bass sounded like a jet engine taking off and Phoebe blew her voice out.

For the video, they filmed it themselves around London with friend Jessie Morgan and wanted to highlight how messed up everything is with contrasting statements i.e. filming outside Buckingham Palace with a statement about poverty in the UK.

Speaking on the track, the band explain: “’Gods Country’ is our long, overdue call-out of the government and rise of the far right. We wrote this a few months back, when the political landscape had evidently reached a global boiling point.

“Great Britain. Think colonial, shit-hole, chunk of land. Thriving off unhinged nationalism, fed to us by the right red hand of unelected prime ministers. Despite this, we have the audacity to call our country ‘Great’. So we ask you, ‘Are you sure?’

“We could deep dive into inspirations and influences- but the songs about politics, not us. We hope the song speaks for itself.

“Rishi, Cameron, Cummings, Starmer – you’re all on our shit list.”

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