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Photo credit: Sian O'Gorman

Laura Misch reveals new single ‘Hide To Seek’

2023 marks the beginning of a bright new chapter for London-based multidisciplinary artist, producer and writer, Laura Misch. With the announcement of her much-anticipated debut album Sample The Sky stoking the flames of excitement surrounding her and her music, Misch continues to tease her forthcoming studio record with the reveal of her new single, ‘Hide To Seek’.

Following on from the release of ‘Portals’ in June, ‘Hide To Seek’ lays additional emphasis on the dreamlike, ethereal energy Sample The Sky has threaded throughout its runtime. And as an exploration of Misch’s myriad influences, this new piece of music highlights her detailed and meticulous approach to the craft – making her broader debut project that much more of a fascinating one to consider, as fans patiently await its arrival on October 13.

“The kind of elemental scope of the album really does expand between the earth and the sky. The track is about desire and wanting someone to draw out parts of yourself that you’re hiding and how we’re all shaped by this interplay. The forest undergrowth feels like a perfect metaphor for the subconscious mind, and it’s a charged song. I imagined these mycelial threads leading the listener into the album world,” says Laura.

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