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Photo credit: Claryn Chong

Lava La Rue releases new single ‘Poison Cookie’ feat. AUDREY NUNA

Continuing to build anticipation for their highly awaited debut album, STARFACE, Lava La Rue is thrilled to share their latest single, ‘Poison Cookie,’ featuring the dynamic Audrey Nuna. Following the success of the previous single ‘LOVEBITES,’ this track delves deeper into the album’s sci-fi narrative, blending unique soundscapes with thought-provoking themes.

‘Poison Cookie’ featuring Korean-American artist Audrey Nuna exemplifies STARFACE as a multi-genre, multi-sensory experience – it blooms from a wash of reverbed vocals and the galactic twinkle of synths to driving breakbeats, sounding poised for a fight scene. Lava and Audrey “knew we wanted it to sound like it could’ve been on the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World soundtrack,” they explain.

On collaborating with Audrey Nuna, Lava says: “Myself and Audrey had mutual love for each other for a minute now/collabed with similar artists, then one day her 2021 album was the only downloaded project to listen to on a long drive in my partners car so we spun it 3x and my girl turned to me and said “why don’t you get Audrey on your album?” and it really was a moment like “why hasn’t this happened yet?”

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