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Photo credit: Zachariah Schmidt

LOVECOLOR release new single ‘Hearts On Fire’

LOVECOLOR is the new musical project of Ryan Carnes (Desperate Housewives, Cupid for Christmas, Doctor Who) and singer, songwriter and producer Vanessa Silberman. The band is pleased to share their new single ‘Hearts on Fire’ which is out now.

‘Hearts on Fire’ is LOVECOLOR’s fourth single, since the duo formed in November 2022. The track continues to showcase their predilection for anthemic pop hooks, big beats and melodic synth lines. The single has a way of drawing you in, as if beckoning you and your love from a mountain top. It feels akin to the spirit of 80’s arena pop-rock sing-along songs, and yet is uniquely fresh with keys, synth and sounds from today. If not by the melody, then by the lyrics, ‘Hearts on Fire’ will charm you and put a smile on your heart.

On the song, the band’s Vanessa Silberman says, “‘Hearts on Fire’ started as a demo that happened really quickly — maybe over a weekend — and turned into an entire song really fast. Then, later, we embellished it and built upon the initial track. Lyrically and emotionally, the song is just about getting everything that is inside out, in a very therapeutic way. The song is very much about feeling so sure about someone, like you just know you’re gonna be with someone and you just need them in your life.”

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