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Photo credit: Lacey Browne

Loveletter release new single ‘Dead Weight’

NYC-based post-punk trio Loveletter is thrilled to announce the release of their new single, ‘Dead Weight,’ the latest track from their debut EP, Testament, out on June 7.

“This is kind of the foundation of Loveletter: heavy sludge, throbbing basslines, fuzz guitar, and massive drums,” says Loveletter’s Gabriella Zappia. “The contrast in the B part, where the bass takes over the melody, adds some light to shape the darkness. You’ve got to be economical with a 3 piece.”

She further explains the recording process. “We wanted the recordings to sound as live as possible, so that’s how we tracked it— all together in the same room so everything feels a bit off the rails. I’d worked with Martin Bisi before and knew his style, and the cavernous space at his studio would make the sound as big as possible. Legendary dude, solid instincts—everyone loves Martin. We finally delivered it to Sarah Register, asking her to master it as loud as human ears would allow and then some. She graciously accepted the challenge and still made all the frequencies sound gorgeous and rich.”

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