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Mabel Pink releases her ethereal debut single ‘Lace And Moss’

Ethereal, enthralling and enchanting, acclaimed Naarm-based ethical music stylist Tahlia Weir introduces her artistic persona Mabel Pink on her stunning debut single, ‘Lace And Moss’, out now.

Wasting no time on her introductory track, Mabel greets listeners with her rich, velvety vocals floating over echoed percussion and reverb-laden guitar chords. Created at Studio Ninety1 alongside Melbourne hip hop mainstay Drest, he lends his production expertise to the instrumental, introducing gentle key flourishes and pulsing synths that slowly build up to a crescendo of pop-electronica bliss of a chorus.

Drawing from her ethos of environmentalism, wildlife conservation and being in touch with our planet, that she carried with her throughout her fashion stylist endeavours, the song was originally conceived as a break-up track, using it for catharsis to process her situation. However, after a sudden realisation that she didn’t want her first song to be about someone not worth the thought, the track was re-written, and blossomed into an anthem about her connection with herself and the world around her, daydreaming about exploring the enchanting forests around the regional towns she grew up in, reconnecting with nature while healing.

Despite the optimistic and dream-like tone, the song carries a deeper meaning too, making commentary on capitalism, sprawling concrete urban landscapes and eventually finding Mabel snapping back to her current reality on a sombre beat switch, back to the disconnectedness of modern humanity.

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