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Maddie Moon releases new single ‘Dizzy Mind’

It’s a new era for Maddie Moon as she releases the first track off her upcoming album. Intertwining her delicate vocals and sweetened synths, new single ‘Dizzy Mind’ is out today.

Steering out of her pretty in pink aesthetic to her golden hour, Spain-based Maddie shows her versatility as an artist as she brightly gleams through layers of synths, guitar chords and melancholic beats.

Releasing right on time for the spring sunsets, Maddie says; “This song tells the story of the first connection with the person you love, about your comfort person. There’s sometimes in our lives when we feel awful and sad, and then there is this kind of people that just with a look can make your life shine in a very beautiful way, I have experienced this myself, I am very lucky to have a few light beings in my life and beyond. I believe there’s still this kind of light creatures in the world, people that can take away all of the dark things that are inside ourselves sometimes. Sonically I wanted to make this song (as the other songs on the album) a way of transportation to another era, with some analogue gear and crazy sounds, some of them inspired by Pink Floyd and other amazing artists I’ve been listening to this year.”

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