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Photo credit: Maren Celest

maeve & quinn share new single ‘I Know I Will’

‘I Know I Will’ is the fourth single from maeve & quinn’s upcoming LP Another Door. The song speaks to the tenuous liminal space between leaving a romantic relationship and shoring oneself up to move forward.

The song begins with a reflective, spare electric guitar line that accompanies the narrator as she seeks to find her emotional footing. Instrumentation builds as the lyrics become more self-assured, resounding especially in the choruses where the twin sisters’ blood harmonies shine — “I’m not sorry that I’m on my own / the sky is clear”, embracing the freshness and freedom of returning to one’s own company.

The push and pull remains though, between what we hold onto and what we let go of as hindsight informs our experience of a relationship — “My memory has a memory / that brings me back to you / my memory has a memory / and I don’t know what’s true”. The song ultimately arrives at a place of readiness to heal. Grounded in piano and electric guitar motifs, the outro is an expansive instrumental landscape, an arc toward being at peace with oneself, with or without a significant other.

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