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Maggie releases new single ‘Circles’

Releasing on the heels of her phenomenal debut single ‘Paralyzed’, Norwegian-Serbian, singer-songwriter, Maggie releases her single ‘Circles’, out now.

‘Circles’ is a powerful soundscape, layered with delicate chords, tender beats and Maggie’s unique vocals, it picks on heartstrings and burns emotional embers throughout. Prevailing Maggie’s narrative of returning hope and a centrifugal lover keeping her around, it begins to make it hard to let go. ‘Circles’ rings round to capture Maggie’s own euphonous blend of alternative pop music.

In her own words, Maggie explains; “‘Circles’ is about that good feeling you get when you’re captivated by someone. You‘re trying to hold on to that feeling because you really don’t want it to go away. ‘Circles’ was written and produced in my bedroom during lockdown last year and I wanted to show a softer side of myself. I wanted to create a warm atmosphere and bring out a mood that draws the listener closer.”

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