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MALKA releases new single ‘What You Get Out’

As the highly anticipated release of her fourth full-length album, Anatomy of Sight, draws closer, the multitalented artist Tamara Schlesinger, known by her creative moniker MALKA, is unveiling the third and final single from this captivating record. Following the successes of ‘Flashlight’ and ‘Matriarch,’ the latest single, ‘What You Get Out,’ is an anthem to dedication.

Powered by a huge bass drum, enriched with an array of synth clicks and beeps and a hypnotic sing-song vocal from the Scot, ‘What You Get Out’ propels listeners on a euphoric electronic odyssey. The track culminates with a chorus of resonating MALKAs, an ensemble masterfully crafted by MALKA herself. “All the voices at the end are me,” she reveals. “I was screaming and singing along in different parts of the recording studio to create the group vocals – so it had that call and repeat vibe for the end”.

Beneath the song’s exhilarating surface, a deeper narrative unfurls “I was originally reflecting on the idea of what goes around comes around, the concept of getting back what you put in to your life, and about those in charge pulling all the strings…it was probably a bit tongue in cheek really, as I felt I had very little to give at the time of recording,” explains MALKA, who has been suffering with Long Covid for three years.

She adds: “But it is also a bit of a rallying cry for me…I was giving my all to recording this album when I have had little energy to do so, but a huge need and desire to create and make music. It was a glimpse into me pushing through the process. It’s probably the most pop/upbeat track on the album and I really enjoyed making it!

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