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MALU releases new single ‘Small Talk’

MALU paints an all too familiar picture of two people who’ve gone from being strangers to lovers and, painfully, back to strangers again. ‘Small Talk’ is a touching tribute to the shared human experience of love and heartache.

Following up on the widely acclaimed release of ‘Comfort Zone’, the brand-new single by the Danish-Corsican singer is out today. It was as if ‘Small Talk’ existed beforehand. It was an atmosphere that immediately arose and bloomed, like infatuation and fascination can do between people. That is why MALU has left the song as pure as its starting point, wrapped in fragile, airy choir voices and evoking strings, but honest, as it was created by the piano.

“It was a gray, rainy and windy day in Copenhagen. Me and my good friend Mads Bramstoft (producer) were sitting in his flat having a deep talk about how relationships come and go in life. As we sat down by the piano, Mads began jamming a few chords and when I started humming, it was like the song just happened out of nowhere,” MALU says and continues:

“‘Small Talk’ is about the heartbreakingly familiar aftermath of a relationship, and the realization that the people we once held close can become distant and unfamiliar to us when a relationship comes to an end. It’s a story that resonates with anyone who has experienced heartbreak, and I hope listeners will find solace in the shared experience.”

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