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Photo credit: Emma Bjornsen

Margaux shares new single ‘DNA’

Margaux (born Margaux Bouchegnies) is a singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, NY. Bouchegnies’ name may be familiar, as she has become an in-demand session player, playing bass on records by artists like Katy Kirby and Dougie Poole, and in 2019 she released her debut EP under the Margaux name.

Since releasing the EP, Margaux has spent time on tour with indie up-and-comers like Closeby and Lutalo. In 2023, she followed up with a couplet of new singles inspired by the poet, Emily Dickinson. But now Margaux begins a new phase, and sharing a new single entitled ‘DNA.’

On the track Margaux shares: “It’s that giant space you must confront when your first relationship ends… this song was living there. DNA is trying to make sense of heartbreak through a layering of raw acoustic sounds and electronic angst. In collaboration with Brooklyn-based producer, Sahil Ansari, ‘DNA’ evolved from guitar and voice to something expansive and reflective of Big Emotions.”

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