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Photo credit: Eva Pentel

Margo Raats unveils soul-baring new single ‘Crying In The Taxi’

Seizing the moment while it’s ripe, Belgian singer-songwriter Margo Raats unveils her latest single, ‘Crying In The Taxi’.

Renowned for her deeply emotive compositions, as evidenced by her debut track ‘I Wish I Was The Moon’ and her recent release ‘Night & Day’, Raats continues to exhibit her raw talent, poignant lyricism, and enchanting vocals. With eager anticipation surrounding her upcoming offering, Margo adeptly channels her pop sensibilities and lyrical finesse, delving into themes of remorse and introspection against a backdrop of melancholic melodies. For Raats, vulnerability is not a weakness but a source of strength, and her music serves as both a sanctuary and an outlet for expression. Despite the melancholy undertones of her work, she adamantly rejects being pigeonholed as merely a Sad Girl, emphasising her multifaceted nature and her capacity for both depth of feeling and exuberance.

Speaking on the release, in her own words Margo humbly explains; “Sometimes I wonder if it would be better if we had a certain amount of I love you’s and sorry’s to give. I think words lose meaning, it’s hard being honest, in a world where no one is pure. I’ve learned that love is more than joined shadows on the wall, it takes time to know someone, the better days of us was getting high and getting lost finding concord in the endless in-between. Love makes me cry, in a way it also tells me I’m alive. I wanted crying in the taxi to be a celebration of crying and leaning in, that’s our duty on this earth to lean In. I wanted to be able to dance to the sound of letting go. “Cause this time it’s time.” Writing songs I often look for answers below the surface and between the lines but not with CITT. It was simple, a change in destination. For everyone who can relate to this, you should be proud + i hope you dance to it too.”

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