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Photo credit: Dimitris Lambridis

Maria Chiara Argiró shares immersive new single/video, ‘Light’

Maria Chiara Argirò’s forthcoming album Closer is a testament to her journey of self-exploration, and a manifestation of her profound connection with music. Rooted in an indescribable feeling that compelled her to create, the album transcends boundaries and tranverses the spectrum of electronic music with unparalleled depth and clarity.

Today she’s shared Closer’s opener ‘Light’ – an alluring and infectious synth-pop hit. Argiró says, “It’s about establishing a lighter and balanced relationship with your inner self and consequently with others. Connect genuinely with yourself and others by exploring life in a ‘soft’ and ‘lighter’ way, without the need to force things to happen.”

The single comes with another immersive video from director Raoul Paulet who describes it, “A mesmerising and kaleidoscopic journey made of colourful and flashy street lights at night in London.”

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