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Maria Kelly returns with new single ‘Drive’

Beloved Irish indie artist Maria Kelly returns with ‘Drive’, her first single since releasing her debut album The Sum of the In-Between in 2021.

‘Drive’ is about longing for closure, and grappling with the reality that it may never come. It’s a rose-tinted story of ‘what-ifs’, fuelled by the desire for forgiveness, and the need for permission to finally move on.

She says, “I wrote ‘Drive’ as a sort of comforting daydream as I looked back on my past relationships. I’ve always struggled with the fact that people who once meant so much to you can suddenly become a stranger again. I know that growing apart is natural, but I’ve never been able to move through that loss with ease – especially when so much is left unsaid at the end of it. ‘Drive’ is a yearning to go find them now, explain, and have them ease the guilt – and an attempt at accepting that it won’t ever happen.”

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