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Marissa Burwell drops new pop-rock anthem ‘Catch & Release’

Following the release of her 2023 EP Either Way, Canadian singer-songwriter Marissa Burwell returns with the captivating single and music video ‘Catch and Release’ today via DevilDuck Records.

‘Catch and Release’ is a pop-rock anthem exploring the concept of feeling “eternally average”, capturing the fleeting moments of confidence that ultimately give way to self-doubt. The track features Burwell’s trademark smooth vocals and laid-back melodies, set against a soft-rock/indie backdrop offering a candid reflection on the struggle with self-esteem, whether in creative pursuits or personal relationships.

Of the single, Burwell said “When producing this song inspiration came from artists such as Soccer Mommy and The Beths. Part of the chorus, verse two and the bridge have been in my notes app for probably two years but it was only after my producer Chris Dimas played the opening riff of the song that they finally found a home. My instinct when writing usually has a low bpm and some acoustic, so I love getting to collaborate with the people in my life to make a song that I probably wouldn’t have made on my own.”

Alongside the track, Burwell’s music video for ‘Catch and Release’ adds an unexpected twist to the song’s themes of insecurity. Despite the track exploring the ups and downs of self-doubt, the video flips the script with a “who cares who’s watching” attitude. Paying homage to the cheesy style of early 2000s music videos, it brings to mind the playful spirit of Hilary Duff’s Lizzie McGuire era.

Of the video process, Burwell said “When building on this concept with the directors Emma New and Andrew Parry we looked through house listings and got access to a house built in 1913. Having an interesting space to move through was integral for the vision. My “character” so to speak is listening to this song on her walkmen dancing around performing to seemingly no one, which resulted in imaginary back up dancers showing up as they playfully dance in sequence down the staircase. Mix that with a dramatic bridge shot looking out the window and you may wonder if you are perhaps back in the early 2000s.”

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