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Photo credit: Chris Grady

Mary Timony shares new single ‘The Guest’

Mary Timony — singer, songwriter, and guitar legend — presents her new single/video, ‘The Guest,’ from Untame the Tiger (out February 23 on Merge), her first new solo album in 15 years.

Following lead single ‘Dominoes,’ the stripped-back acoustic instrumentation of ‘The Guest’ conjures Sweetheart-era Byrds. Recorded in Baltimore at J. Robbins’ Magpie Cage studio, ‘The Guest’ features David Christian on drums and Brian Betancourt on bass, with Betsy Wright and Dennis Kane singing backup. Mary describes it as a song sung directly to loneliness: “I was imagining loneliness as a house guest who keeps knocking on your door. I thought it would be funny to say loneliness is the only one who always comes back.”

The accompanying video for ‘The Guest,’ made by Mary’s longtime friend and collaborator Brett Vapnek, was filmed around Santa Barbara. “The first video Brett and I made together was in about 1995 for the Helium song ‘Honeycomb,’ and later she also did one for ‘Dr. Cat’ (on The Golden Dove). I also acted in a short movie she made called Dream Machine,” Mary says.

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