You are currently viewing Maya Law battles with her dual heritage on new single ‘Mother Tongue’

Maya Law battles with her dual heritage on new single ‘Mother Tongue’

Newly signed to independent label TLD Records, rising singer songwriter Maya Law has returned with new single ‘Mother Tongue’, presenting a heartfelt exploration of her mixed race heritage. ‘Mother Tongue’ follows her debut EP Hitchhiking which dropped in 2021, as well as collaborations with South London producer Mom Tudie on ‘Gold’ and multifaceted talent Freya Roy on ‘Fantasies Reimagined’ alongside Gabriel Gifford.

New single ‘Mother Tongue’ highlights Maya Law’s confessional songwriting ability as she struggles to connect with parts of her dual heritage. Contemplative in its approach, Maya’s inner turmoil is reflected in the track’s brooding sound which brings together soul and jazz influences with a raw, acoustic sound. Her warming vocals and soft guitar riffs are injected with emphatic instrumentation as the self-professed “shape shifter” vents her conflicting feelings, expertly delivered with passion and integrity.

Speaking of the inspiration for ‘Mother Tongue’ Maya Law explains: “I wrote ‘Mother Tongue’ in the winter lockdown when I had too much time to think and had an identity crisis. I’ve always shied away from talking about my heritage as it’s just been easier to avoid the question. I think it’s quite common for people of mixed race to feel conflicted about their identity, especially when one side of you is in a country you have nothing to do with anymore. Mother Tongue is an ode to the parts of myself that I’ve inherited from my mum, whether they have positive or negative connotations. I’ve still got lots of learning to do until I feel totally comfortable with my identity, and this is just part of the process.“

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