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Photo credit: Charli Morachnik

Megan Black shares new single/video ‘MOTHER. SISTER. LOVER.’

With ‘MOTHER. SISTER. LOVER.’, Megan captures the essence of 70s rock and infuses it with a contemporary view on womanhood and both the power and vulnerability it possesses. The track aims to honour the experiences of female-identifying and non-binary individuals who have had to navigate the burden of society’s unrealistic standards and the pressure the patriarchal system has placed on women.

Reflecting on the songwriting process, the Edinburgh-based performer says: “We’re taught from a very young age that women should compete with one another – you have to be prettier, smarter, funnier, more talented. I wanted to use this song to spread the message that we don’t need to fight against each other. The women in my life bring me more strength, wisdom, and love than I could ever begin to describe. There is so much power in us coming together.”

She adds: “This song is for everyone who has experienced this in any way. You don’t have to identify as a woman to know the power of womanhood and feel part of it. This is not an attack, it’s a wake-up call”.

Furthermore, Megan has taken a collaborative approach to ‘MOTHER. SISTER. LOVER.’ By inviting women and people who resonate with the lyrics to showcase their voices on the track, this new single emphasizes the power that can be harnessed when voices unite to challenge societal norms and inspire positive change.

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