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Photo credit: Rose Waite

Mereki lives in the here and now in dreamlike new single ‘Presence’

Australian/English savant of purposeful pop, Mereki returns with her new single ‘Presence.’

Whilst in a writing room above the studio where Dhani Harrison and Graham Coxon of Blur were recording, Mereki was inspired by the guitars reverberating through the walls and began singing a melody that became the first verse. After sharing her melody with Harrison, the two were motivated to work together to complete Mereki’s composition. ‘Presence’ displays Mereki’s ability to merge healing messaging with an irresistible dance beat. With a robust and accomplished songwriting and recording career attached to her name, she is now ready to move into an era focused on her own music.

On the release, Mereki said, “I’m not saying that I’m enlightened and I live in ‘Presence’ all the time, far from it, I’m just trying to say that I know what it is when I can, and it’s so beautiful. I want to share that with people because I truly believe that when I can pull myself back into the present moment, really ‘be here now’, then everything is so lovely. I want that for me, and for you, and for everyone. My mind gets the better of me all the time and I need to train it not to, and I guess this song is kind of an anthem for that.”

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