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METTE shares new single ‘Muscle’

Ivor-Novello nominated star METTE has shared her new single ‘MUSCLE’. Produced by Zhone, the single showcases METTE’s exceptional artistry and versatility.

Speaking about the single METTE says, “Made as an ode to the communions of self-love through my own movement practices of dance and pilates, ‘Muscle’ has become my go-to song for getting in the zone. Most importantly, ‘Muscle’ isn’t about aesthetic goals or physical gains. The song is a “how-to” guide for expressing the embodied state of confidence. ‘Muscle’ is rhythms and crowd vocals that were made to take in like an audible energy drink… I hope that this song will have someone changing their posture, rolling their shoulders back, running to a dance floor, flexing a thousand watt smile, and generating some self-assured body heat.”

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