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Mica Millar releases new single ‘Heaven Knows’

One of the UK’s brightest new soul stars, Mica Millar returns with her triumphant and empowering new single ‘Heaven Knows’ – the title track from her forthcoming debut album out June 10.

‘Heaven Knows’ bursts with confidence, showcasing Mica’s immaculate, powerful vocal performance atop a bed of gospel infused musicianship – a song and performance bursting with the undeniable depth and spirit that has all of the makings of a timeless Soul classic.

Exploring the complexities of faith and fate and the duality of moving between mindsets – from that “deep-down-in-your-gut” knowing to the over facing fear of failure, ‘Heaven Knows’ sees Mica poetically explore a tightrope of human emotional states, reminding us to “come back down” and root ourselves in the reassuring belief that everything will be ok. Outlining the duality of “heaven knows” as a sentiment, “…the universe knows all vs “who the f***k knows?” – Mica explains why this became the title track:

“For me, the sentiment of ‘Heaven Knows’ brings together a lot of the lyrical themes from across the album. The duality of the title is about moving between emotional states – fear and hope, love and loss. On reflection, I think ‘Heaven Knows’ was about reminding myself of that grounded place in between – finding a sense of peace or acceptance in the balancing act. Sometime I feel like there’s a higher power or a divine destiny and other times, I lose that sense and feel totally lost – and I think that’s OK”.

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