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Michelle Limanjae returns with new single ‘Sunday Morning Rewind’

Still continuing her musical journey as an independent singer-songwriter and music producer, Michelle Limanjae is making her way back in 2023 with her nostalgic indie pop-rock song called ‘Sunday Morning Rewind’. With 4 singles that have been released previously, she returns with her 90s to early 2000s alternative sound combined with her nonchalant yet expressive vocal delivery.

The song was written in the early 2023 while she was working full-time on a 9-5 job. She felt exhausted on a Sunday morning and hoping that she could turn back the time. Then, she turned the idea into a quirky and easy-listening song that she produced straight away in her bedroom with her existing musical instruments. The track itself features her straightforward lyricism about her personal experience along with the catchy hooks and sweet-sounding melodies. In terms of composition, Michelle combined her dulcet vocal tone, genre-bending guitar arrangement and trippy ambience.

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