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Photo credit: Michelle Grace Hunder

Middle Kids release new song & video ‘Bootleg Firecracker’

Sydney-based three-piece Middle Kids (Tim Fitz, Hannah Joy and Harry Day) are about to enter a new chapter in their career with the release today of their latest single, ‘Bootleg Firecracker’ on Lucky Number.

In 2022, the band made an impulsive decision to decamp to Eastbourne, UK in order to spend an intense six weeks with renowned producer Jonathan Gilmore (The 1975). The goal was to transform their lo-fi demos into something fresh, dynamic, and innovative, and to collaborate with a producer who could push the boundaries of a traditional rock band format to its sonic limit while still maintaining the essence of classic pop songwriting.

‘Bootleg Firecracker’ is the first taste of new music from those intense sessions. The song features beautiful fingerpicked acoustic loops, coupled with an edgy, loping drum groove, unlike anything we’ve heard in the band’s previous work. Lead singer Hannah Joy’s honest lyrics explore the concept of the titular ‘bootleg’ firecracker, an explosive yet beautiful force that also carries with it the risk of causing harm. The result is a warm, delicate, and contemporary sound that showcases the band’s creative evolution.

Joy describes ‘Bootleg Firecracker’ as: “a song about the power, magic, and risk of intimacy… It started out as an up-tempo chorus about dancing, but Tim (Fitz – co-producer and bassist) slowed it down, and we came up with this idea of the bootleg firecracker. Fireworks can be dangerous and risky, but there’s something about their explosion of light and heat that brings people together in celebration. I think love is like that.”

The track also includes an artistic contribution from Middle Kids’ fans, who submitted audio recordings of their own fireworks celebrations which are seamlessly woven into the outro of the song. The explosive theme crosses over into the official video which was directed by Toby Morris and features firework programming by the company used for Sydney’s legendary NYE celebrations.

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