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Mikalyn drops iridescent new single, ‘Prisoner’

Mikalyn is a Canadian indie, dream pop artist whose storytelling lyrics touch on relatable themes from relationships and love (or lack thereof), to everyday experiences and emotions.

Her latest single ‘Prisoner’ narrates being in a relationship where you feel trapped. The songwriter shares, “You know it’s not right for you, you know it’s toxic, but both you and the other person can’t seem to ever really leave for good. It touches on bad habits in relationships, and how sometimes staying with someone that is wrong for you is like putting a bandaid on a bullet hole. You might feel better or less lonely when you’re with them, but it’s a temporary fix before you’re reminded that they’re not helping you grow in any way.”

With an ethereal quality, ‘Prisoner’ shines brightly as Mikalyn’s vocals glide atop iridescent synths, a moody bassline and all-encompassing atmosphere, providing a sense of escapism for the listener.

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