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Photo credit: Jonny Marlow

Miya Folick shares new track ‘So Clear’

Vocalist, songwriter and producer Miya Folick unveils a new song, ‘So Clear’, co-written and produced by Folick and Max Hershenow (MS MR). The new track is taken from Folick’s forthcoming album Roach released on May 26 via Nettwerk.

“‘So Clear’ is about pulling yourself out of the wreckage you’ve made of your own life again and again, for the thousands of days we live on this earth and realizing life is so much more expansive than the petty concerns we waste precious time on,” Folick says. “An epiphany that I have over and over again is that I am very small, but my actions are very meaningful. So I have to choose to live truthfully every day. It’s not easy! The song is very dramatic, and I imagined it as a good karaoke song when we were making it.”

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