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Photo credit: Tonje Thilesen

Molly Burch shares new single/video ‘Unconditional’

Molly Burch shares new single and video ‘Unconditional’ from her upcoming album Daydreamer out September 29 via Captured Tracks.

Bright synths, garage rock drums, and a funky bass make the song a fun and playful listen, but as Molly describes, it is not so simple: “This song is a traditional unrequited love song but I wrote it thinking about how I feel as a working artist in todays climate. A big part of pursuing a creative job is being okay with the roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes things feel positive and sometimes you feel a lot of rejection. This is my way of expressing that through a narrative of not being seen or appreciated by a person you were romantic with.”

The accompanying video depicts Molly and her friends hanging out, playing with a ouija board and partaking in a pillow fight while dawned in brightly coloured silk robes. Throughout the track Molly’s voice delivers the breadth and uplifting spirit of a warm summer evening spent with friends. The new song also follows Molly’s recently released lead single, ‘Physical’.

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