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Photo credit: Alex Bex

Mona Yim & Memphis LK tean up on new single ‘Thinkin Of U’

Berlin/London based musician, DJ and producer Mona Yim and London via Melbourne musician, DJ and producer Memphis LK team up on this summer’s new alt-pop earworm ‘Thinkin Of U’ on Ninja Tune imprint Technicolour, home to artists at the forefront of the underground including salute, O’Flynn and Weval plus alumni Sofia Kourtesis, VTSS and Barry Can’t Swim.

Upon meeting each other for the first time at a studio session in Berlin, they quickly connected over their combined love of electronic producers like Bicep, Four Tet and Overmono with pop songwriting from the likes of Rosalía, Lana Del Rey, FKA Twigs and Kate Bush. Naturally, they would come to fuse the two genres together, making the foundations of their new single ‘Thinkin Of U’ within a few hours.

Mona Yim and Memphis LK elaborate on the creation process: “We met for the first time and got along very well. Since we share a lot of influences it came together really naturally and quickly. We both also enjoyed working with another female producer and felt comfortable around each other to play around creatively without being judged. Think that defo shows in the nature of the song as well. We came to creating this song with no expectations and no pressure to make anything specific, so it just felt really intuitive and playful. It was just full experimentation without any over analysing or questioning decisions, which is the best way to create.”

Speaking more about ‘Thinkin Of U’, they add: “I think its magic is that it is so simple. It’s a song about catching feelings for someone but not being sure how to express it, so you’re kinda stuck in your head making up wild scenarios. The production plays into that feeling too – hyper fun, chaotic, head in the clouds, but also with a sense of melancholy.”

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