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Photo credit: Liam Maxwell

Nadia Sheikh releases energetic new single ‘Neverending Trial’

Half British half Spanish songstress Nadia Sheikh is back with her new single ‘Neverending Trial’, the fourth drop from her upcoming EP, due September 2023.

A song about wanting to embrace life but being stuck in society’s conformities and wishing to break away from them. With lines like “You must follow the path that was written for you but I don’t wanna be here just paying my dues” “I’m colouring by numbers and I know that I must excel, archetypal yeah you must fit in” and “If I could you better know I would” the song encapsulates a wish of lyrical escapism.

“‘Neverending Trial’ is a wish for freedom. To do the things you want to do without feeling the pressure of society and the norm that is set upon us, making life a never ending trial,” says Nadia.

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